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Vision & Mission Statement

Our Vision

1. Children With A Vision, Inc. will be recognized for our role in bringing together communities. The practice and advocacy around important educational, and life issues

2. Children With A Vision, Inc. will lead a change in working with the necessary leaders, to voice economic issues that affect the community

3. Children With A Vision, Inc. will impact education through collaborative scholarships that contributes to the youth and a brighter future, to build tomorrow's leaders. 


Our mission is to provide leadership in the pursuit of excellence and to create effective learning opportunities for all. 

2. Education leads to success. Given the resources, every student, every parent, every leader can succeed and prosper..

3. We the Business leaders, Community leaders, and Volunteers of this surrounding area can make this happen. 


1. Self-respect
2. Self-worth
3. Equal opportunity
4. A Just Society
5. Excellence
6. Participation
7. Professionalism
Mrs. Tonya Lewis
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